Guitar Week: Four or More,
Review: THREADS (Quintet) "10/09/11" (TRP-019)
BY: Ed Pettersen

The title of the Threads disc comes from a show Mr. Aldcroft saw in Guelph, Ontario on that date by Henry Threadgill's Zooid Ensemble but was recorded by Threads in 2013. The main concept, influenced by that performance by Threadgill and band, was to keep the pulse going throughout the songs. Three songs; one an eighth note feel, one swing and the last Bossa Nova but instructions were to keep it moving forward which it surely does in splendid fashion. Eschewing bass for synth on this recording and changing drummers versus the "Tangent" record creates more openness and space but no less excitement. Mr. Aldcroft's guitar is used in a more textural realm on "10/9/11" yet when he opens up it tickles the ear and triumphs without being overly showy. His technique and restraint is admirable. Ms. Ng returns from the "Tangent" disc and is a wonderful foil again, filling in between phrases beautifully. There's a lot of room here too and textures abound. The songs are long, an hour of music total, but never seem so. Excellent. Get both of these records. Highly, highly recommended. 4/5 stars