Alaniaris Live at Somewhere There
Hodgepodge & Shorties jul - aug - sep 2011 | cadence

Based in Toronto, Canada, guitar trio ALANIARIS might seem like an odd type of ensemble to specialize in Greek music fused with Jazz, Rock, and improv, all underpinned by a seeming obsession with surf music (and perhaps punk rock). On "Live at Somewhere There" (Trio 11), the group (Michael Kaler, b; Ken Aldcroft, g; Mark Zurawinski, d) present thirteen tracks that speak to the unpredictability of their approach, one that works well and will appeal to those that enjoy guitar-based instrumental music. As for the Greek-influenced and traditional tracks, "Oli Rebetes Tou Donia" is a joyous surf ride, "Hasaposerviko" is a rockin' bounce, "Zeimbekiko" is a laid-back, yet prickly excursion while "Mangas from Votaniko" presents the group in ballad mode. As for the group compositions, the backbeat-driven "Pierotik Panic" fits in well with the edgy Eastern skronk of "East Of Baghdad," the unraveling drama of "Long Slow One" and the gutsy "A Sunny Day In Space." A boon for guitar trio fans looking for non-traditional flair within the influences of Greek traditions.