Bryon Hayes, Exclaim!
Alaniaris "Live at Somewhere There"

Combining rock, jazz, surf and Eastern European traditions, this Toronto, ON-based trio effortlessly glide beyond stylistic boundaries into the outlandish sonic region formerly occupied by everyone's favourite cultural pranksters, Sun City Girls. Guitarist Ken Aldcroft, drummer Mark Zurawinski and bassist Michael Kaler have been gigging for less than two years, yet their plentiful synergy is on display during every instant of this recording. With a mix of Greek traditional songs and original compositions, Live at Somewhere There showcases the vast range and talent of the players and the sheer ferocity with which they perform. There isn't a second of awkwardness present - Aldcroft, Kaler and Zurawinski are adept listeners, responding in turn to the expert manoeuvrings of the other players. Craftily executed, Live at Somewhere There is a stunning document of a trio at the height of their power.