His Mistress Never Sleeps..., Marke Andrews, The Vancouver Sun, June 24, 2000.


The recorded tributes to Duke Ellington continue and Vancouver guitarist Ken Aldcroft has made one of the more adventurous ones. It opens with Evening Peace, an Aldcroft original for which the leader sets the mood with a moody guitar figure, over which saxophonist Graham Ord, trombonist Brian Harding and drummer Bernie Arai build a musical structure that teeters on atonality. Ord's soprano sax soars on Bluebird of Dehli and the energetic Sonnet to Hank Cinq, the band swings on Isfahan and Lady Mac, and Arai's drumming crackles on Take the Coltrane. One of the best tracks is the mid-tempo Sonnet to Caesar, which gives Harding and Aldcroft room to stretch. Three stars.