Ear Contact: January Sun, Randall McIlroy, Coda Magazine, May/June 2001.


Ken Aldcroft is fast becoming one of this country's most interesting electric guitarists, with ample ideas and a healthy taste for the space in which to show them. Taking a step aside from his usual trio with trombone and drums, he teams in Ear Contact with pianist/composer George McFetridge, another Canadian deserving wider recognition. McFetridge's music has room for every echo, and encourages Aldcroft to experiment with discretionary reverb in Almost Eight/Sure Footed After Midnight, and high frequencies, simulated whale songs and more in Here for Her/Listening, but he keeps things taut. Kakemono imagines cats and mice doing what cats and mice will together. Rather more sinister strategies are suggested in Getting Started, which has recurring hints of September Song.