The Wholenote Magazine, October 2015
Review: Ken Aldcroft & Scott Thomson "Red & Blue" (TRP-DS03-021)
By: Stuart Broomer

Guitarist Ken Aldcroft and trombonist Scott Thomson present a series of four freely improvised duets on Red & Blue (Trio Records TRP-DS03-021). The music is continually shifting and evolving, moving from rapid-fire runs to pointillist exchanges and dialogues in which one offers empathetic support to the other. Aldcroft stays close to the traditional timbre of a lightly amplified jazz guitar, while expanding the vocabulary with percussive effects and skittering chord runs that move in and out of tonal expectations; Thomsonís explorations of the trombone include barnyard noises, extreme upper register effects and very rapid tonguing. However, itís what they have in common thatís most significant: a willingness to reduce their sounds to whispers and to listen to one another intently and creatively. This is subtle, challenging music that responds best to the same kind of close listening that the musicians bring to it.