Interview for Guitar Moderne

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Recent CD Releases

Live at the Tranzac Vol 1
Ken Aldcroft - William Parker

Mister, Mister
Solo Ken Aldcroft

Red & Blue
Ken Aldcroft & Scott Thomson

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Ongoing Performances

Ken Aldcroft Presents
Second Wednesday of the Month
The Tranzac, 10pm

Third Sunday of the Month
The Tranzac, 3pm

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Most of Trio Records' catalogue is now available as downloads from itunes

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Here is a poem written by Nicholas Power which was inspired by a set of improvised music performed by me, drummer/percussionist Germaine Liu and bassist Jim Sexton at the LoD Series in Toronto.

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With a rigorous and pan-idiomatic approach to both composition and improvisation, guitarist Ken Aldcroft is a key practitioner in Toronto's dynamic creative music scene. After establishing himself as a compelling new voice in the jazz scene of his hometown, Vancouver, Ken moved to Toronto in 2001 and quickly made connections with like-minded collaborators. Since then, his own multi-faceted development as an improvising guitarist, bandleader, composer, producer, and organizer has corresponded with the re-emergence of Toronto as an important centre for creative improvised music-making.

As a guitarist, Ken extends the jazz tradition that lies at the core of his music education. Through his commitment to a wide-open field of musical influence and to forging new collaborative ties, Ken has systematically sought new and challenging contexts in which to improvise. As a result, his playing reflects the breadth of his interests, from the extended bebop of a jazz repertory project like Hat & Beard, performing the music of Thelonious Monk, to the language of free improvisation that he explores in collective improvisational settings such as ongoing collaborations with NY bassist William Parker and saxophonist Andy Haas or one off performances with artists such as Wilbert DeJoode, Joe McPhee, John Oswald and Lori Freedman to name just a few. This variety comes into its fullest view with Ken?s two solo recordings; "Home: Solo Guitar Compositions" (2011) and "Vocabulary: Solo Guitar Improvisations" (2009), both are passionate musical reflections on his ongoing development as an improvising guitarist.

As a bandleader, Ken's projects have provided increasingly nuanced contexts in which his compositional and ensemble-related ideas find voice. The evolution of the Ken Aldcroft Convergence Ensemble reflects his development in these regards as well as the expanding scope of music played by groups under his leadership. While his Group, Quartet and Trio + 1, his trio of projects during the early 2000s, synthesized models from jazz and derivative musical traditions, the Convergence Ensemble expands the frame of stylistic reference and conceptual depth considerably. Six recordings by the Convergence Ensemble "Tangent" (2014), "Saskatoon" (2013), "Sneaky Pete ? Slugs'" (2012), "Our Hospitality" (2009), "Trolleys" (2008) and "The Great Divide" (2006), all on Trio Records, are clear testimony to this fact.

Concurrent with this trajectory as a performing musician is Ken's commitment to supporting the creative music scene in Toronto as an organizer and producer. From 2010 to 2012 Ken was a member of the Somewhere There Collective, which administered the modest 35-seat concert space Somewhere There in Toronto, and was a founding board member and the first president of the Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto (AIMToronto). Through these activities Ken has ensured that the world-class calibre of Toronto musicians has gained considerably wider recognition.